What the hell is this VGN?

VGN is a media company working to enrich and improve the vegan media landscape. We aren’t competing with other media outlets, but we want to complement them. Our innovative style and provocative content educates and entertains. As our tagline states, we want to be your source for vegan views, politics, and pop culture. We carry out our mission in four ways.

VGN: Unraveled

Historically, journalism’s primary objective is to help media consumers sort relevant information from irrelevant, put it in context, and incorporate it into their daily lives. However, the digital age has created a democratization of the news community that makes this objective more difficult.

Cue explanatory journalism.

Popularized by American journalist and political commentator Ezra Klein, explanatory journalism adds intentionality to accurate news reporting without compromising accuracy or journalistic integrity. It is fact-based and data-rich but doesn’t shy away from making arguments that flow from the evidence—even at the risk of being charged with taking sides. This format is distinct from opinion as it is rooted in historical and empirical context and speaks authentically about the stakes of our public life. Compelling examples can be seen from the Washington Post, the New York Times, and Vox, to name a few.

So watch out for our video series that tackles complex issues and answers questions that help people better understand tough issues and grow our community.

VGN Satire

Obviously we take veganism very seriously. But any community that cannot laugh at itself probably takes itself too seriously. Think of us as the antidote for the stereotype of the insufferable angry vegan. I mean, we are insufferable and angry. But we don’t want you to know that coming in the door.

VGN Podcast for Petty People

The common format of podcasts in the vegan media universe is the one-on-one interview with the ‘vegan of the week. ‘ This works for a lot of people. But it leaves a gap in the market for vegan audiences who would like easy access to quick information combined with thoughtful analyses and irreverent jokes. So we developed a weekly news round up that gives listeners all the recent stories of the week and a deep dive on key stories…along with extreme pettiness.

VGN Live

The VGN team takes our humble little show on the road every month. We have scheduled appearances in 2019 and 2020 for Brighton, London, New York, Dublin, Berlin, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. Check our calendar regularly to see if we will be in city near you for a live recording. Or better yet, request that we come to your town.

Listicles and Quizzes

I mean, what kind of entertainment company would we be if we didn’t tell you 10 Outrageous Things Beef Magazine Published or help you find out What Kind of Vegan Cheese Are You?


It’s no surprise that vegans are overrepresented in certain demographics. So when we share quotes and standalone images, we prioritize the ones from communities that don’t often see themselves as the primary faces of veganism. And you know what? Turns out, it’s not hard. You don’t have to work overtime to find a diversity of voices if you stop to realize that a diversity of voices is just…there.

Aren’t you scared of the word vegan?

Not really. We’re very aware that vegan is an unpopular word in mainstream circles. But it’s high time we reclaim it. We’re not dilly dallying around by hiding behind a label that downplays who we are and what we stand for. Vegan isn’t a dirty word. Veganism should be cool, fun, relatable, and accessible.


Like this?

No, not like that.

You mean, like this?

Jesus, no.

Okay, like this?


Are you worried about being ripped off?

Obviously. But now you’ve read our About section. So when it happens, you can send the link to copycats and remind them that it’s not cool to mine marginalized groups for their creativity and resourcefulness because they suck.  

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