The VGN team is looking for Petty People for a number of SUPER PETTY ROLES.  Are you petty enough to be part of the team?


The correspondents will be used for a variety of roles including podcast co-hosting, article writing and quiz making,  we are looking for a political junkie who cares deeply about keeping the public informed and providing a window into animal rights and veganism. The successful candidate is interested in covering topical issues related to veganism, animal law, agribusiness, and food history, and relishes reading people for absolute filth.

This position is remote and part-time hourly (with an average of 8 hours/month). However, the successful candidate will work closely with correspondents in multiple time zones and there may be opportunities to travel.

In order to apply for this position, please write a story pitch that is no more than 250 words and include a brief description of all the ways in which you are petty. Be advised VGN is looking for school house knowledge but trap house style.

So shake it fast, watch yourself, and show us what you workin’ wit.


  • Work with Executive Producer and editorial leads to develop podcast format, written articles and quizzes

  • Play a key role in editorial planning

  • Consistently generate timely and well researched pitches

  • Collaborate with team of producers to refine scripts and successfully execute interviews and tracking

  • Write program copy and anchor the podcast

  • Craft a distinct voice and bring personality to the show

  • Participate in ongoing evaluation and refinement of the show’s sound

  • Work with Executive Producer to establish a positive team culture and one of experimentation and smart risk-taking.


  • Understanding of journalistic ethics and best practices

  • An ear for what makes a compelling, well-told audio story

  • A critical view on the existing vegan news landscape and strong perspectives on the gaps to fill for a general interest audience

  • An engaging personality and fresh voice

  • Strong scripting skills and a talent for writing to tape

  • Demonstrated ability to handle multiple projects under deadline

  • Collaborative attitude and strong communication skills

How to Apply

Send a story pitch to Also feel free to send audio demos, examples of written work, bribes, and #n00ds.

Closing Date:

Friday, 8th November 2019

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