12-year-old Genesis Butler heading to Rome to give vegan for lent petition to Pope

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Photo: Million Dollar Vegan

12-year-old campaigner Genesis Butler is headed to Rome to hand over a petition urging the Pope to go vegan for lent.

The Million Dollar Vegan campaign will give $1 million to a charity of the Pope's choosing should he accept the challenge.

Activist Genesis Butler will hand over her letter plus the petition signed by 56,000 people.

Posting on Facebook Genesis said:

"I know there’s some people who don’t agree with me and I’m sorry you don’t agree but I really thought about this for a while before I decided to take part and I decided to do it because we need a big shift to happen now. I’m scared. Kids my age are scared. Adults are scared because we see our planet falling apart right before our eyes. We see animals dying all over the world and it’s really scary.
"I’m happy I went through with this because it is helping people see why us vegans are fighting so hard and it’s making people think about how the food they eat has an impact on the planet and the animals.
"I hope everyone knows I am just trying to help the animals, the planet and also us all. Please send positive energy and prayers my way. I’m nervous but I’m also excited because I know that we are all helping to create a vegan world. If you’d like to sign the petition please click the link below.
"Thank you for all your love and support everyone I appreciate it."

The campaign is run by the team behind Veganuary.

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