Abundance of burgers ‘overwhelming’ for consumers—Beef Magazine writer

Consumers are “overwhelmed” with the different types of beef product according to one writer from Beef Magazine.

Amanda Radke also believes calling plant-based products “burgers” or “meat” is insulting to beef producers.

In her piece in response to Burger King launching an Impossible Whopper, she accuses the fast food giant of mis-leading consumers and believes people will order it thinking it is beef (😢).

Radke says:

“If I want apples and purchase a bag of Pink Ladies at the grocery store, I expect to find Pink Lady apples in that bag. I wouldn’t want to find something else in my bag, like grapes or oranges.
“But they all have fructose, so why can’t we just call them all fruit and call it a day?
“That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? We have clear and distinct terms for various types of fruit to help distinguish these items from one another in the produce section.
“If the produce aisle is so clear, why are retailers insisting on creating confusion in the meat aisle? If I want to buy beef or another meat product, I expect it to have come from a cow, a pig or a chicken.
“That’s why I have a hard time understanding why plant-based protein patties can be called “veggie burgers,” or why protein cells grown in a petri dish can be called meat.”

To be fair we are surprised she isn’t annoyed her bag of Pink Lady apples don’t contain any pink ladies.

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