'Alarming' study shows some animals failing to adapt to speed of climate change

A study that shows animals are failing to adapt to the speed of the climate catastrophe has been described as "alarming".

Scientists looked at 10,090 abstracts and extracted data from 71 published studies, they found that certain species are not able to adapt quickly enough.

Viktoriia Radchuk, from Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Germany, told The Guardian we have to take action on climate change as soon as possible.

She said:

"Personally I find the results alarming. Species attempt to adapt to changing environment, but they cannot do it at a sufficient pace to ensure that populations are viable.
"Climate change has caused irreversible damage to our biodiversity already, as evidenced by the findings of this study.
"The fact that species struggle to adapt to the current rate of climate change means we have to take action immediately in order to at least halt or decrease the rate."

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