Animal 'blood sport' videos being shared on social media

Photo: The show was presenter by Tom Heap, credit: BBC Countryfile

An investigation by Countryfile has found that illegal blood sport videos are being circulated on social media.

Hare coursing and cock fighting were among the issues brought up by the BBC One show.

Sergeant Tom Carter, of Sussex Police’s rural crime unit, said:

"We’ve got hare coursers that are making six-figures annually purely from hare coursing.
"They can livestream that to their friends in the pub or other people that are betting on it. It can go international. It can go to other countries where people are betting on the dogs.
"You can use money transfer or even cyber currency to put the bets on."

Videos were found on Facebook and YouTube in the investigation and these have now been taken down but it's thought some videos are still in private groups.

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