Animal charity releases footage of chickens being abused at British farming sites

An animal charity has released footage showing chickens being abused, with some unable to stand on a British farm.

The farms supply the likes of Nando’s, Lidl and Asda.

Animal Equality showed footage of some birds unable to stand properly with others flapping their wings.

Animal Equality’s director Dr Toni Vernelli told The Daily Mirror:

“There were so many birds who couldn’t stand up. They were on their backs flapping frantically trying to stand and it’s futile. Their legs are splayed out at angles, it’s just wrong.
“There was footage of one bird on her side and she can’t stand up. She was pecking in faeces trying to find food. It’s a horrible, slow way to die.”

The charity claims the chickens were kicked and beaten by workers at the site owned by Avara Foods.

An Avara Foods spokesman said:

“We take our responsibilities for the birds in our care very seriously and their health and welfare is of the utmost importance.
“Our farmers are required to carefully inspect flocks on a daily basis – to identify any birds requiring attention or which may need to be culled.
“We are closely examining the contents of this report to assess compliance against our procedures.”

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