Animal rights activists to protest 'Family-friendly' squirrel hunt in South Jersey

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Photo: Adobe Sparks

Animal rights activists are planning to protest against a so-called squirrel hunt which organizers say is "family-friendly".

The Squirrel Classic, which takes place on Saturday, is being promoted as an event to learn about squirrel meat.

The New Jersey League of Humane Voters will be protesting the event.

Jay Lassiter from the group said:

"To make this a family-friendly event, to teach kids to be cruel to animals, I see a strong correlation between abusing animals and growing up to abuse people.
"These kinds of events, they tend to bait the animals for weeks in advance, to get these animals habituated into coming around. I suspect that’s what’s happening here."

Cody McLaughlin part of New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, which supports the event said in reply, "Squirrel hunting is a long-standing and time-honored tradition. It’s been around since humans have lived in New Jersey and everywhere else on Earth."

He also said there will be workshops too, like "how to skin a squirrel and how to prepare a squirrel."

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