Animal rights campaigners urge animal shelter to ditch meat and dairy

An animal shelter has rejected a campaign urging them to ditch meat and dairy from its menu.

A blog called Make Raystede Vegan is asking Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in East Sussex to only sell plant-based food.

A petition also currently running has nearly 5,000 signatures.

But the Centre for Animal Welfare has now responded to the campaign.

They said:

“As a charity, we rely entirely on donations. We ensure that every penny we raise is used to support the animals in our care. Our charitable activities are those set out by our founder, Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins, and we work tirelessly to fulfil and develop her vision.
“We are aware of a small but ongoing campaign directed at our staff and trustees by instigators who, despite never having had the privilege of meeting our founder, take the position that she was an active vegan.
“Our President, who knew Ms Raymonde-Hawkins for more than 20 years, fondly remembers meals out with her, where she would regularly eat trout, salmon and a range of dairy-based meals whilst she secured funding and legacies from a wide range of supporters.
“We are proud to continue Ms Raymonde-Hawkins’ pioneering work today. We welcome visitors to Raystede, to see for themselves the positive impact we have on the animals in our care and to experience the support and guidance we offer to the families and pet owners with whom we work.”

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