Animal rights group claims rabbits given “cholera and fatal injections” in university tests

An animal rights group claims universities have been trying to conceal experiments on rabbits that include giving them cholera.

Campaigners from Animal Justice Protection (AJP) released details of the tests which also suggest fatal injections were given to the rabbits.

Claire Palmer, group founder, said:

“Animal experiments like those we have uncovered will be unpalatable to many. Rabbits are a much-loved animal who some share their home with. Disturbingly, universities just won’t tell us what is happening to them.
“They refuse to make information public when asked, but get round it by saying they will put figures online.”

AJP use Freedom of Information requests to ask for the number of rabbits used in tests each year.

Oxford University, Edinburgh and Cambridge, were among the universities who didn't give details to the group.

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