Australian capital could introduce vegan options at schools and government events

Schools and government events in Canberra could be set to offer plant-based food options under new plans.

A proposal by the Greens is to come before the local government which would see options introduced as part of the fight against climate collapse.

Caroline Le Couteur who put forward the proposals told The Canberra Times:

“Making conscious choices about what we eat can help the planet in the fight against a warming climate.
“It's also important that the government keeps up with cultural change. Nowadays, vegan and vegetarian options, even 'fake meats', aren't out of place on restaurant menus.
“We need to make sure that these options are available for people, and a 'real option' in places like hospitals, where a healthy diet can make all the difference to a person's recovery.
“Plant-based foods will also better support a child's health and development in the school environment.”

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