Australian Councillor to host protest barbecue after approval of Meat-free Monday campaign

A Councillor in Australia says he will hold a barbecue after his local council approved meat-free Mondays.

Moreland City Council won't have meat at any council buildings on Mondays in a bid to tackle climate change.

But one member of the council wasn't pleased and has, according to 10daily, decided to protest the decision.

Councillor Oscar Yildiz said:

"To say you can't eat meat because it's causing climate change, it's not a council decision. What has it got to do with council?
"My daughter is a vegetarian and has been for five years. That's fine, it's her decision.
"But to say 'you can't eat meat because it's our lefty-greeny ideology we want to force on you' isn't right."

Yildiz will host a barbecue down the road from the Monday council meeting and said "everyone is welcome."

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