Australian farmer who regularly kills animals feels ‘violated’ after vegan protest

A cattle farmer has said he feels “violated“ after hundreds of vegans protested at his farm in Queensland.

Hundreds of protesters illegally ran onto the farm wearing “meat the victims” t-shirts last week.

Millmerran farmer David McNamee, told 4bc.com, “I was very very worried…I was feeling violated.”

David’s wife Trish added:

“They were uninvited, unidentified, and we did not know what their intentions were.
“We’ve got no control of these people – they are so brazen.
“They’ve just got no feelings whatsoever of what hardworking Australians do in this country.
“And for farmers who are the blood of this community, and the blood of Australia…they just walk all over us.”

Presenter Alan Jones said he “couldn’t remember a worse story than this.”

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