Australian Home Affairs Minister suggests protestors should have welfare payments cut

Australia’s Home Affairs Minister has suggested protesters who disrupt traffic should have their welfare payments cut.

Peter Dutton was being asked about this issue on Sydney radio station 2GB after activism by Extinction Rebellion recently.

Dutton said:

“Community expectation is these people are heavily fined or jailed and they should be jailed until their behaviour changes because they are putting lives at risk.
“They’re diverting police and emergency service resources from tasks that they should be undertaking otherwise and they keep turning up week after week because they know a slap on the wrist is just not working.
“The premier needs to come out and explain why this is acceptable. If there needs to be mandatory or minimum sentences imposed, that can happen overnight in a Queensland parliament.”

Dutton also called for people to be publicly criticized for protesting.

He added:

“People should take these names and the photos of these people and distribute them as far and wide as they can so that we shame these people.
“Let their families know what you think of their behaviour.”

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