Australian minister urges animal rights group to delete 'farm map' website

An Animal rights group in Australia have been criticised by the agriculture minister after a website mapping out where farms are in the country was launched.

The website shows the locations of abattoirs, greyhound racing tracks and rodeos among other sites across Australia.

David Littleproud has urged the group called Aussie Farms to remove the site.

He said: "The reality is farmers are doing nothing wrong. They are doing what is well within their legal rights and shouldn’t have this hanging over them.
"The reality is that the federal government may have little recourse. I ask them to look into their own soul and do the right thing."

Aussie Farms executive director Chris Delforce defended the farm map.

He told ABC: "This map is about laying everything bare so the consumers can make their own informed choices about what they wish to support with their purchases. It's saying this is where they are, this is what they're doing."

The map can be viewed HERE.

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