Australian MP Craig Kelly says coronavirus pandemic puts climate crisis claims into "perspective"

Australian MP Craig Kelly says the coronavirus pandemic has put claims from climate activists into perspective.

The Federal Liberal representative also claimed the actions of "climate alarmists" are giving a competitive edge to China.

Speaking to Sky News Australia, Kelly called for sovereignty to come first.

He said:

"We used to have Greta telling us that people are dying from climate related incidences but when you look at the figures from last year, something like extreme weather claimed less than 10,000 lives.
"Just imagine if instead of spending the billions that we have on subsidising solar panels and wind turbines, some of that money had have gone into health research, especially into the potential of a pandemic.
"Everything we’ve done, everything climate alarmists have done, has given a competitive advantage to China.
"We have seen a wealth transfer out of this country to the communist party of China."

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