Politician calls plant-based pies at football matches “unAustralian” in Facebook video rant

(Photo: Bob Katter/Facebook)

An Australian politician has criticised the decision to sell plant-based pies at football matches.

Pie-maker Four’N’Twenty announced it would be introducing the new product but Bob Katter, formerly leader of (it‘s true) the Katter Australian Party, was not impressed.

He said in a Facebook video with the caption “Say not to vegan pies. Eat our Aussie beef”:

“The most Australian of all activities is to be at the football and be eating a meat pie and a beer or a coke, that is the essence of our Australianism.
“Now to have a vegan pie...I think we’ve got a problem here.”

The video, seen nearly half a million times, is called “vegan pies at football; it’s unAustralian.”

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