Badgers put through "immense pain" through culling which has "zero benefits"

Thousands of badgers suffered "immense pain" through culling which may have "zero benefits”, according to experts.

Badgers are culled in the UK in order to tackle bovine TB in cows.

Prof Ranald Munro, a former government adviser who led research into badger culling, discovered that up 23% of badgers took more than five minutes to die.

He told the BBC:

"The numbers are huge, they really are. If you look at the likelihood of not dying within five minutes of being shot, you are looking at 3,000 badgers having suffered immense pain at a minimum.
It could be as high as 9,000. There is a huge issue of suffering in these badgers."

Prof Ranald Munro’s Independent group has written to Natural England criticizing the culling process and calling for an end to it as they don’t believe it is reducing bovine TB in cows.

The letter said:

"We are unconvinced that the culling of large numbers continues to be justified in the view of recent data showing zero disease control benefits after six years of culling of badgers in Gloucestershire."

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