Baltimore vegan deli offering food relief support in response to Coronavirus crisis

Updated: Apr 18

A vegan deli, based in Maryland, is going the extra mile during the COVID-19 crisis, by donating plant-based food to the local community.

The Greener Kitchen, in Baltimore, is preparing and donating foods to neighborhood food giveaways organized to provide food relief in during the coronavirus pandemic.

Brenda Sanders, co-founder and co-owner of The Greener Kitchen said:

“While the majority of foods donated to these communities consist of near-expired meat, dairy and egg products, The Greener Kitchen is committed to getting nourishing plant-based foods to the people who need them the most.”

The Greener Kitchen is accepting donations to support its hunger relief efforts at http://gofundme.com/TGKCovid19.

The deli aims to make plant-based foods accessible and affordable to everyone.

They say they have a particular focus on making these foods available in low-income black and brown communities.

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