BBC presenter says animal farming should be taught in schools to combat ‘vegan vigilantes’

Photo: BBC/Countryfile

A BBC presenter and farmer has called for animal farming to be taught in schools.

Countryfile‘s Adam Henson says it would combat “vegan vigilantes” at GCSE level.

That’s despite the fact his wife and daughter won’t eat meat from HIS OWN farm as they are vegetarian.

Henson told The Mirror:

“What drives me mad are the vegan vigilantes who post horrendous things on social media that aren't true
“I’ve been campaigning for an agricultural GCSE to be introduced, so people can make informed choices.
“Are you better off eating a lamb that's been bred on my farm, grazed on beautiful Cotswolds pasture and is full of wild flowers, or something that's been shipped half way around the world and may have contributed to deforestation? There has to be a balance.
“But let people eat what they want. I don't have a problem with it.”

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