Beef Magazine writer: "plant-based environment argument dangerous, beef is good for mental health"

A writer for the infamous Beef Magazine has rejected the idea that the Amazon forest fires are caused by animal agriculture.

Amanda Radke stated that the argument a plant-based diet is good for the environment is "dangerous."

She also stated that eating beef was good for "mental and physical health."

In a piece for Beef Magazine Radke said:

"The mainstream rhetoric appears to be that eating a plant-based diet is the solution to environmental concerns. This messaging is so dangerous for many reasons.
"A plant-based diet is not complete. As a society, our physical and mental health will suffer without nutrient-dense food like beef in our diets.
"Even if Americans eliminated all animal protein from their diets, they would reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by only 2.6%."

The writer also rejected claims that animal agriculture is burning trees in the Brazilian forest.

Radke added:

"In pictures that do show parts of the Amazon ablaze, it’s very noticeable that the majority of trees are left standing.
"Healthy trees don’t typically burn in forest fires. It’s the brush and dead fuel that’s burning. This is an entirely different process. It clears out brush that prevents new trees from growing and which can make forest fires worse in the future.
"These fires also cause ash, which provides the necessary nutrients for saplings to flourish in their new space."

Radke called on the beef industry to "get to work" and "take charge in these conversations by sharing best management practices."

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