Beef Magazine writer says ‘vegan agenda isn’t based in reality’ with the ‘community in meltdown’

Our favourite Beef Magazine writer says the “vegan agenda” is “taking advantage of people to line pocketbooks” and “isn’t based on facts or reality”.

Amanda Radke has written a number of scathing pieces on veganism and was commenting on a recent spate of “vegan” YouTubers moving towards eating animal products as well as Anne Hathaway giving up her plant-based diet.

In a blog post Radke said:

"The vegan agenda seems to be more about taking advantage of people and their emotions in order to increase followers and line pocketbooks. It isn’t based on truth or reality.
"Cheers to folks like Hathaway who are willing to get death threats and hate mail for simply admitting that meat makes them feel good. Glamorizing an incomplete diet like veganism is dangerous, and I’m glad more folks are realizing the benefits of animal fats and proteins as part of a healthy, sustainable diet."

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