A beef producer says they have a 'real challenge ahead' and that the vegan movement is 'as strong as [she's] seen it at this point.'

Writing in Beef Magazine, Amanda Radke also said she feels 'nauseous' reading Beyonce and Jay-Z promote plant-based meals.

Radke also said it is a threat to their 'way of life'.

She said: "When Beyoncé and JAY-Z talk about veganism as 'truth', like it’s some sort of religion, cult or the 'only' way we should be eating, that’s when warning bells start to ring in my head.

"This 'truth' ignores an overwhelming amount of science to the contrary. In fact, no society in the history of our planet has proven that a vegan diet is healthy or sustainable for the long term and from generation to generation.

"However, it’s important to note that many civilizations in our history — Inuit and North American natives come to mind — who have thrived largely on meat-based diets. Think seal blubber and whales in the Arctic and bison and other wild game on the Northern Plains.

"What’s more, I worry that if plant-based becomes 'the truth' or 'the standard', our freedom of choice will be taken away. Sin taxes will be slapped on beef. The government’s nutritional guidelines will reflect plant-based recommendations. Regulations will burden producers until it’s no longer feasible to operate. Consumers will place great burdens on companies to move to plant-based menus. The list goes on and on…

"I don’t mean to sound doom and gloom, but I write this to wake us all up. We’ve got a real challenge headed our way, and the threat to our way of life and our freedom of choice is tangible and growing larger each day."

"I’ve been writing about consumer trends on this blog for 10-plus years now, and never before have I seen the movement as strong as I’ve seen it at this point."

Sound like someone be #shook.

Read her blog: https://www.beefmagazine.com/…/truth-about-jay-z-beyonc-s-v…

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