Beyond Meat launches products in Belgium, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands,

Photo: Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat has officially launched products in Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

The plant-based burger and sausage giants recently revealed more on their plans to go public.

They have now launched products in these three European countries either in supermarkets or in restaurants.

Speaking in a Youtube video, Ihab Leheta, International Sales at Beyond Meat said:

"We’re trying to have meat eaters eat Beyond Meat because that’s how we are going to change the world!
"For that to happen it’s got to taste, feel and smell and sizzle just like meat."

Beyond Meat products will be available to buy in Delhaize in Belgium, Albert Hejn in the Netherlands and at Forky's restaurant in the Czech Republic.

Will Schafer, VP of Marketing at Beyond Meat added:

"Three times a day we all have a choice about the protein that we put in the center of our plate.
"That choice has a lot of implications in terms of our health, the environment and animal welfare. This isn’t simply a case of whether to give up meat or not."

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