A coffee shop in Birmingham that had a fully plant-based menu has introduced dairy products.

3 Three's Coffee Lounge said it was due to finances and 'increased competition.'

In a post on Facebook they said: "After much thought and deliberation, we have decided to add in dairy products such as dairy cheese into our food range.

"This is due to increased competition from many non- vegan stores. Who are adding a single item to their range amongst meat products and has had a huge affect on footfall through our stores.

"We are so happy that it has become mainstream but we are finding it difficult to stay and grow. As alot of the vegan community now have other options in mainstream places to go to eat and drink we are not the only one stop shop.

"This has reflected in our sales but we do feel support to these mainstream stores should also be given so that they can too continue to add vegan options and reduce their meat and dairy.

"We will still have many vegan food items, vegan cheeses, vegan bakery and vegan gelato and will continue to be eggless, no fish or meat."

"With alot of issues within the economy and most of our vegan ingredients coming in from EU, all we have seen is price hikes continuously or supply issues. We are also experiencing price increase through our energy suppliers, maintances, many unexpected repairs and staffing. We are an independent with very little to zero financial backing .

"Apologies for any upset this may have caused within the vegan community and we can only hope for your continued support."

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