Black VegFest founder to oversee Brotha Vegan publication

Black VegFest founder Omowale Adewale is to edit a book focusing on black men delving into vegan intersectionality.

Brotha Vegan, to be released in 2020, is the male companion to Sistah Vegan, which was compiled by Dr. A Breeze Harper.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Dr. Harper’s Sistah Vegan publication.

Dr. Harper said:

“Omowale was able to orchestrate and bring together thousands of Black vegans and allies to his groundbreaking event in 2018, Black VegFest in New York City.
“It only seems like a natural fit for him to do the same, with the companion volume, Brotha Vegan. I have confidence that Adewale can bring a rich tapestry of perspectives from men within the global Black vegan community.”

Brotha Vegan is requesting critical essays, short stories, poems, research papers, and play scripts from Black vegan men.

Suggested topics include a wide-range of discussions about Black Africa, fatherhood, politics, battling illness, popular culture, spirituality, and love.

Omowale said:

“I feel deeply honored to follow up Breeze’s work with honesty, integrity, and keen insight. This feels right and timely.
“My hope is to center the conversation around veganism and the need for a more radical movement,”

Submissions for the book can be sent to

brothavegan1@gmail.com, with all works are limited to 3,000 words.

The submission deadline is 5:00PM on Friday May 3, 2019.

Lantern Books will publish and distribute the new book.

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