Renouncing vegan pledge, Boris Johnson now vows to eat live deer to impress younger woman

Photo: Johnson said he would "do anything for a shag"

LONDON—In a shocking turnaround since this morning, Conservative leadership candidate Boris Johnson says he will now eat a live deer to impress his latest partner.

The Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP is dating Carrie Symonds who is the ex-director of communications for the Conservatives.

Former Mayor of London Johnson pledged to eat the live deer to impress Symonds, who describes herself as a conservationist.

Speaking to a fellow Tory MP, who hasn't been identified, Johnson said:

"Carrie told me she was a conservationist and as far as i'm aware they eat live animals. To this end, everyone knows I would do anything for a shag and eating a live deer is a great way to show my love.
"Once we leave the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, I think live deer eating should be legalised.
"People will say I hate deer, but I watched Bambi a good three times, I’m a big fan of Bambi. Bambi means Breakfast."

Johnson's odds of replacing Theresa May have decreased since the revelations, placing him just below Dominic Raab in the betting pool but still above Michael Gove because NOBODY is that desperate yet.

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