Breitbart columnist slams decision to stop Atherstone hunt, “Britain being ruined”

A Breitbart columnist has slammed the decision to close Atherstone hunt as “another piece of Old England killed by the puritan left.”

James Delingpole, who has written for publications including The Daily Mail and Daily Express, wrote the piece which bemoans what he says is Britain “being ruined by politically correct ideologues.”

The Atherstone Hunt had been running in the UK for 200 years but announced it was ceasing hunting on Wednesday.

In the piece for Breitbart Delingpole said:

“The Atherstone Hunt, has been bullied into extinction after six years of confrontations with hunt saboteurs.
“There’s a difference between being disapproving of or being squeamish about field sports — and gloating when the anti-countryside life fascist equivalent of Antifa uses thuggery and bullying and disruption to close those activities down.
“One of the glories of having been born British is – or used to be – that we live in a free country, where we tolerate one another’s eccentricities whether they involve Morris dancing, wife-swapping, football or riding to hounds.
“Britain is being ruined, bit by bit, and at an accelerating rate by politically correct ideologues and SJW boot boys while a complacent mainstream media looks on nervously, afraid to take a stand in case the snowflakes among its readership disapprove.”

The decision to stop hunting was welcomed by BBC presenter and naturalist Chris Packham.

He said, “Good riddance, top work. Let's move onto the next one.”

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