British Baroness Martha Lane Fox has revealed she has gone vegan for the environment.

Writing in The Telegraph she said: "I have never been a big meat eater and knew the damage animal farming was doing to the planet.

"But it was actually the destruction we are causing to marine life, such as over-fishing and coral bleaching, as well as Chris' increasingly alarming conversations about the level of plastic in fish that pushed me to go vegan.

"Eating habits can really change the world's climate trajectory, which makes me feel empowered.

"If everyone went vegan, greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by two thirds and 8 million lives could be saved, according to 2016 research from the Oxford Martin School..

"I truly believe that my children's generation will look back and wonder why on earth we ate so much meat for so many centuries.

"They'll ask why we happily ate food without knowing its source and will want to know where the ingredients in their meals come from."

Baroness Fox co-founded the website LastMinute.com.

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