British environment secretary says farmers should be able to produce milk without 'fear'

British environment secretary Michael Gove has spoken about protecting the production of milk while addressing the National Farmers' Union.

Gove spoke at a conference for the NFU during which he congratulated TV presenter Chris Packham for transitioning to veganism.

But the environment secretary said:

"My own view is there is a difference between saying that as for reasons either of ethics or health that you would choose not to drink milk, and then impeding the proper commercial operation of dairy farming, that is wrong.
"We do need to say people who are producing milk, who are doing it in a legal way, should be allowed to carry on their business without people interfering with it.
"I'm all for people who care about the environment having an opportunity to express their views pungently and clearly.
"But I am absolutely opposed to people who are running proper businesses being stopped from running their businesses and being in fear as a result of people breaking the law."

Gove seemingly gave his approval to the Februdairy effort although he used the hashtag #Februadairy, when quote Tweeting a farmer who was promoting the campaign

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