British MP Caroline Lucas has called for a tax on meat in the UK.

In a speech to the Oxford Farming Conference, she also called for 'more humane methods of livestock farming' (us neither).

The Green MP said: "At the risk of incurring the wrath of the Energy Secretary in particular who said recently that encouraging people to eat less meat would be 'the worst sort of nanny state ever', I’d add that we need serious consideration of measures like a meat tax, particularly for beef, offset for more sustainable meat producers through increased revenue from targeted agri-environment schemes.

"We need to recognise that diets are already shifting. 1 in 8 people in the UK are vegetarian or vegan – whilst a further 20% are so called flexitarian.

"As if to prove the point, just this week, Greggs launched their new vegan sausage roll, whilst it appears to have caused Piers Morgan some serious indigestion it’s been widely welcomed."

Caroline Lucas is a vegetarian and former Green Party Leader.

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