British political leaders to take part in televised climate debate in U.K. first

British TV will see a debate on how to tackle climate change ahead of a General Election for the first time.

Channel 4 will host the debate and has invited each of the major party leaders to take part.

Currently Labour's Jeremy Corbyn, The Green Party's Sian Berry, Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson and the SNP First Minister Nicola Sturgeon have all agreed to participate, while current Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage HAVEN'T confirmed if they will be participating.

Channel 4 said in a statement: 

"We are delighted to say that as of this moment the leaders of Labour, the Lib Dems, the Green Party and the SNP have all agreed to take part in principle.
"Whilst we narrow down an exact date we still await confirmation from the Brexit Party and the Conservatives.
"We urge the Prime Minister and Nigel Farage to show their commitment to this major issue and take part.
"We do not intend to accept anyone other than party leaders to debate and examine the climate crisis and the related issues of the environment and biodiversity."

The debate will be chaired by Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy and takes place at 7pm UK time.


Channel 4 has confirmed there will be two ice sculptures representing Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage at their climate debate tonight.

Ben de Pear News editor told the Press Association:

“These two ice sculptures represent the emergency on planet earth, not in any human form but are a visual metaphor for the Conservative & Brexit parties after their leaders declined our repeated invitations to attend tonight’s vital climate debate.”

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