British primary school to teach survival skills including "gutting and cooking animals"

Children aged 10 and 11 at a school in Derbyshire will be taught how to gut and cook animals as part of a "survival" day.

Ashgate Primary School headteacher Peter Seargent has written to parents informing them of the lesson.

In the letter he said that children have "a lack of awareness of where their foods come from" and they will see a pheasant "prepared for cooking."

Speaking to the Derby Telegraph Sergeant said:

"We're trying to think outside the box a bit. They have been studying survival techniques and rather than them opening a book we wanted to turn it upside down.
"Hopefully it will encourage them to have a debate. We want children to question and explore, and if they are uncomfortable with it we can have a conversation.
"The bottom line is we aren't forcing the children to do it, we are giving them the reality of the topic they have been studying."

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