British school criticised for hosting pigs before they are sent to slaughterhouse

A petition has been launched calling for a school to not send pigs they are looking after to the slaughterhouse.

Farsley Farfield Primary School has two pigs on sight and a former pupil has now created a petition with over 2,000 signatures.

Ix Willow, who created the petition said:

“Schools have a duty of care to support children, teach them fair values and to provide a safe and happy environment for them.
“By teaching children that it is okay to exploit and kill animals they are in breach of this, and this could also be traumatising for children getting to know the animals and then knowing they are going to die.”

The school posted about their reasons for keeping the pigs on their website.

In a blog post, they said:

“Through keeping the pigs, the children will learn more about the provenance of their food and issues around animal welfare. We will be investing in information boards for outside the enclosure.
“The pigs will not be pets and will only be with us for 9 months. The pigs will have a life twice as long as modern commercially-reared breeds and will have a truly free range life.”

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