Campaign group calls for UK political parties to strengthen fox hunting laws in election manifestos

The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has called on political parties to feature a tightening of fox hunting bans as part of their election manifestos.

The UK electorate will head to the polls to vote in a general election on December 12th.

Patron of LACS and TV presenter Bill Oddie says they have to implement robust animal protections as part of their election pledges.

Oddie said:

“Two years ago, Theresa May learned on the doorsteps that an attempt to repeal the Hunting Act directly cost her valuable seats, as public opinion showed irrefutably via the ballot box that hunting has no place in a modern Britain.
“It is time political parties went further, not only to secure the Hunting Act but to strengthen it; to ensure there can be no excuses for harming wild animals for ‘sport’.”

LACS has set out their vision for the Hunting Act that would include the introduction of a recklessness clause, to prevent the use of ‘trail’ hunting as an excuse when animals are accidentally killed by hunts, the removal of exemptions from the Hunting Act so they cannot be abused and used as excuses to continue to hunt with hounds and the introduction of prison sentences for people who are convicted of illegal hunting.

Andy Knott MBE, chief executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, said:

“We see day in, day out, how the Hunting Act is being flouted by those who twist and exploit weaknesses in the law to get away with what should be a crime.
“Enough is enough. Hunting has no place in a compassionate society and we urge all parties, in as robust terms as we can, to commit to a better vision of Britain by placing animal welfare at the heart of their manifestos and by pledging to strengthen the Hunting Act.”

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