Seagan campaign launched to eat fish with your vegan diet...for reasons

A British Public Body has unveiled a new campaign is looking to promote a vegan diet, including fish.

Think Seagan is described as a "New Year, health focused lifestyle campaign" and launched last week.

The seafish.org website says:

"The Vegan movement has gathered momentum over the past year and there are now more Vegan restaurants in the UK than in any other country.
"Against a background of continuous decline in seafood consumption, we are keen to tie in with this trend and show consumers the benefits of incorporating seafood into this diet.
"Unlike other strict diet publications, materials and points of view, Think Seagan is all about celebrating the fact that fish can be enjoyed with a vegan diet and as an alternative to other proteins."

Seafish.org is described as a "Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB) set up to support the £10 billion UK seafood industry."

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