Canadian government to give dairy farmers $1.75 billion following trade deal losses

Dairy farmers in Canada who lost trade through free trade agreements with Europe will receive nearly $2 billion in compensation.

Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced they will received the compensation over the next eight years.

Bibeau said:

“Today’s announcement shows how much our government respects our producers and believes in the supply management system.
“As promised, the compensation is deployed fully and fairly to allow everyone to make the best decisions based on the new market realities and their respective situations."

The trade deals make it easier for non-Canadian products to be imported into their markets.

Jacques Lefebvre, chief executive officer of Dairy Farmers of Canada, said the government has made the industry two promises and expects them to be kept.

He said:

“The first one was to compensate, and he’s followed through on that.
“The other one is there would be no future concessions in any new trade deals, and we’ll be very vigilant on that one.”

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