Carol Adams criticizes Paul Shapiro and Bruce Friedrich over claims activism has failed

Animal rights activist Carol J. Adams has criticized former Vice President of the Humane Society of the United States Paul Shapiro and former PETA VP Bruce Friedrich after an article about the latter in the New York Times.

In the article Freidrich, who is founder of the Good Food Institute, said “we don’t want people to think differently about their food. We want to change the food”, he has also stated previously that “we’ve tried to convince the world to go vegan, and it has not worked.”

The article was shared by Shapiro on Twitter who said it was a “Great New York Times profile on Bruce Friedrich’s life and efforts to create a new kind of meat industry.”

But “The Sexual Politics of Meat” author Carol Adams was not impressed with the content of the piece.

Taking to social media she said:

“Of course, if you believe you aren't going to change human nature then you accept that you don't have to call serial sexual exploiters like Paul Shapiro to accountability.
“I guess now we understand Brice Friedrich’s public silence on his pal Paul's unethical behavior.
“I am struck by the irony that white men who often framed animal activism as single issue are now the ones telling us 'activism has failed.'
“What hubris! As though PETA and HSUS were actually our models for activism.”

Paul Shapiro was part of the Humane Society when a number of female employees claimed there was a culture of sexual harassment at the organization.

He has always denied the allegations, but the CEO at the time Wayne Pacelle resigned last year following the scandal.

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