Charity Viva! urges people to try plant-based eating for World Vegan Day

British charity Viva! is urging people to move to a plant-based diet to mark World Vegan Day.

The 1st November marks World Vegan Day and the campaign group has launched a #GoVegan24 effort to highlight reasons to go vegan..

Viva! Director Juliet Gellatley said:

“Our once-pristine natural world is disappearing before our very eyes. Wildlife is under huge threat from livestock farming and overfishing.
“We’re calling on people who might not have felt they can commit to going vegan full time to try it for 24 hours on World Vegan Day on 1 November.”

The charity has already confirmed a number of celebrities will be taking part including radio presenter Fearne Cotton.

She said:

“For many people who find giving up animal-based products difficult, #GoVegan24 gives them a perfect way of exploring the benefits of veganism.”

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