Chipotle CEO “not sure plant-based meats are long-term trend”

The CEO of Chipotle has spoken about his reluctance to introduce plant-based “meat” products.

Brian Niccol told Barrons that he wasn’t sure that they are a “long term trend”.

He also explained organic tofu is their favoured solution to meat replacements.

Niccol said:

“I do think the plant-based food trend is a real trend. I’m not sure plant-based foods that look and taste like meat are a long-term trend.
“It’s food chemistry to get that texture and that experience. Our plant-based solution is organic tofu. It’s great.
“I think [plant-based alternatives are] going to be part of people’s lifestyle routines, not necessarily 100% commitment.
“That’s still a small group that are 100% vegan, [or] 100% vegetarian. It’s definitely front and center. But right now, the way they’re processed, it just wouldn’t match our brand purpose.”

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