Chiquito to launch new vegan menu across the U.K.

Mexican restaurant chain Chiquito has a launched a new vegan menu with added Oumph!

Chiquito will be selling a new “Vegarrito” as well as a vegan-friendly fajita dish with meat-placement Oumph! used for both dishes.

They will also have Violife cheese and Oatly creme fraiche on offer.

Chiquito Managing Director Angelo Gabrilatsou said:

"We are particularly proud of our new Vegan menu.
“It stays true to our core objectives by driving innovation, accessibility and fun. Having guest choice at the heart and understanding growing trends, this menu allows Chiquito to be more accessible to guests that seek vegan options.”
"We are very fortunate that Mexican food lends itself very well to vegan and our new additions bring amazing tastes and textures that will appeal not only to vegans but to all our guests.”

The new Vegan menu will be available now at all Chiquito sites.

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