Chris Pratt is sorta, kinda, temporarily going plant-based

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

The actor Chris Pratt has told fans that he will be taking on a 21-day fast.

The Daniel Fast is a religious fast which according to its website helps people 'draw nearer to God.'

The diet consists of no animal products and is not a full fast but people that take part can only eat foods 'grown from seed' and can only drink water.

Chris Pratt told his Instagram followers of the news via his story.

He said: "OK, hi, Chris Pratt here. Day three of the Daniel Fast, check it out, it’s 21 days of prayer and fasting,” he said in a video.

"It’s gonna coincide also coincidentally with the Lego Movie 2 junkets, so by the time you see me, I’ll probably be hallucinating. Stay tuned."

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