Manchester United star Chris Smalling has opened up about his vegan diet and what he eats since making the move to a plant-based diet.

Speaking to the BBC’s Football Focus, Smalling said: “I’ve had so many positives in terms of my body and how I feel, it’s going to be with me for life now even after football.

“My missus has been vegan for a few years now, she’s been getting me to watch these DVDs and sending me a lot of articles.

“Quite often for breakfast I will have porridge or avocado on toast. Quinoa porridge, mushrooms, I had a protein shake before and I still have a protein shake at breakfast and after training, I just have a vegan one.

“My typical matchday meal was often spaghetti bolognaise, and I still have that, but I have vegan spaghetti bolognaise. The chef now puts on vegan dishes for me and he’s surprised he’s found a lot more vegetarians that are here and even players are trying bits.”

So how have Smalling’s teammates reacted to his move to veganism?

He continues: “I’ve had a lot of questions, even Paul [Pogba] was like ‘you’re a vegan, how are you getting stronger?’, so I think quite a few people are curious and I have a lot more chats now because they are interested in my journey through it and the benefits of why I’ve done it.

"I think it’s nice to chat to people because they are curious and it’s becoming more of a known thing.”

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