City of Emeryville to serve plant-based meals at City Council meetings as part of “Green Monday”

The City of Emeryville is set to adopt the Green Monday initiative.

The plans mean that plant-based food will be served at City Council meetings and will offer a full plant-based menu or alternatives one day a week at City-managed programs.

In a statement, the Council said:

“The Emeryville community has an interest in taking actions to mitigate and reverse climate change, and Green Monday US can offer support to the City in providing education and access to climate-friendly food choices.
“City meal programs are already set up to offer these options, with the exception of the milk alternatives at ECDC, and the partnership with Berkeley for the Senior Center food programs will offer Emeryville the opportunity to move forward without undue effort.
“The City of Emeryville already has goals in place to address climate change, including a goal to reduce consumption-related GHG emissions by encouraging sustainable consumption and minimization of the carbon intensity of supply chains.
“This program would provide a valuable opportunity to model for and educate the community on choices they can make that will positively impact the environment.”

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