• Christopher Sebastian

Comedian Simon Amstell: ‘If we don’t move to a plant-based diet, we’re screwed!’

Comedian Simon Amstell says “we’re screwed” if we don’t all move to a plant-based diet.

Speaking to Channel 4’s “Ways To Change The World” podcast, he also spoke about his 2017 film Carnage which looks at a vegan world of the future.

He also raised concerns about the climate crisis.

During the podcast Amstell said:

“The climate crisis has come about because we think of ourselves as seperate from the planet that we’re sitting on.
“There’s that charity Friends of the Earth, good charity, but we’re not friends of the earth, we are earth!
“If we don’t move to a plant-based diet, then we’re screwed, so that’s just a necessary thing that we have to do.
“It‘s totally unsustainable what we’re doing at the moment, as well as being horrific.”

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