Coyote hunting ban proposed in Massachusetts

The Fisheries and Wildlife Board in Massachusetts could be set to ban the hunting of coyotes.

MassWildlife, responsible for conservation, has recommended the move over “public concerns” that hunting contests are unethical.

In a statement, released on their website MassWildlife said:

“In response to public concern related to coyote hunting contests sponsored by private entities, MassWildlife and the Fisheries and Wildlife Board conducted a review of policies and regulations associated with coyote hunting and contests.
“On July 17, MassWildlife staff made a regulatory recommendation to the Fisheries and Wildlife Board based on this comprehensive review.
“The recommendation addresses public concerns that these hunting contests are unethical, contribute to the waste of animals, and incentivize indiscriminant killing of wildlife, inconsistent with the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.”

The Fisheries and Wildlife Board voted to hold a public hearing on MassWildlife’s recommendations.

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