Definition of salmon and tuna ‘being challenged by vegans and vegetarians’

The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) has warned that their industry has to “watch out” because the definition of tuna and salmon is being challenged by vegan and vegetarian products.

Egil Ove Sundheim, the U.S. director of NSC, was speaking to a website called SeafoodSource.  

He also expressed concern that the seafood industry could face the same issues that have affected the dairy industry.

Sundheim said:

“We know origin matters – that’s our starting point.
“And that’s why I’m also a little concerned about some vegan/vegetarian products now coming onto market that are labeled as ‘salmon’ or ‘tuna’ or…‘finless fish.’
“I think the industry will have to watch out for what’s going on right now because the definition of salmon, the definition of tuna, is being challenged.
“If nobody raises their voice about it, we might end up in a similar situation as milk did a few years back when soy milk and almond milk were introduced, claiming a part of the milk category and even claiming a part of the milk cooler.”

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