Documentary The Invisible Vegan to be streamed on Amazon Prime

The creators of documentary The Invisible Vegan have confirmed it will be picked up by Amazon.

The Invisible Vegan is the brainchild of Jasmine Leyva and explores the veganism within the African-American community.

A campaign had been started to get the film onto streaming platform Netflix, and while that is yet to come to fruition, it is set to be available on Amazon Prime Video.

A post on The Invisible Vegan Facebook page said:

"A few months ago I rallied to get my documentary on Netflix and asked everyone I knew to promote my efforts by sharing my campaign.
"I failed but I tried my best to make s**t happen.
"My distributor informed me today that Netflix passed, but... Amazon wants to pick it up, I'll take it!
"Whenever you see me winning know that several failures got me to that point. SEVERAL."

It is not confirmed when the documentary will be available on Amazon, but at this time it can be purchased via Vimeo.

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