19 times veganism was simply too extreme

Social media is rife with accusations from meat eaters and even vegetarians that veganism is too extreme.

So to help out we decided to make a list to simply point out 19 key times when veganism was doing too much.

1. When not eating meat and eggs ruined this guys sporting ability.

2. When we vegans were eaten by this Twitter user for telling her not to consume animal products as she became a 'meat-a-sauras.'

3. When veganism wasn't a diet but it was still fanatical and the obsession was like talking to a religious fanatic or something.

4. When the 2020 Golden Globes didn't serve any dead or abused animals and this reporter had a lot to say for someone who wasn’t invited and didn‘t have to eat at the event.

5. When vegans refused to put their hands up a dead animal‘s butt.

6. When vegans were literally Hitler.

7. That time vegans made people feel guilty by sticking to their beliefs.

8. When we were in a burning building and could only save a pig or a child.

9. When we sounded arrogant, by our mere existence.

10. We don’t even know what to say to this.

11. When we were all disgusting like “socislists”.

*12. When vegans created a sausage roll that made Piers Morgan throw up.

13. That Time vegans put stickers on meat products.

14. That time vegans were revealed to be terrorist lesbians who wanted to take down our governments.

15. How vegans continually tried to mislead people with “fake meat products”...despite the fact they say vegan on them.

16. When we were all hypocrites for using phones and should just stay inside and not do anything ever.

17. When vegans didn’t appreciate the great work that the animal agriculture industry does.

18. When vegans recruited celebrity backers to encourage young people to join our cult.

19. When vegans were almost as bad as terrorists but not quite.

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