England could face water shortages in the next 25 years

The head of the Environment Agency is warning that England could have water shortages within the next 25 years.

Sir James Bevan is giving a major speech later at the Waterwise conference in London.

He is expected to say population growth and climate change are the major factors.

Speaking to The Guardian ahead of the speech he said:

"Around 25 years from now, where those [demand and supply] lines cross is known by some as the ‘jaws of death’ – the point at which we will not have enough water to supply our needs, unless we take action to change things,” Bevan told the Guardian, before a speech on Tuesday at the Waterwise conference in London.
“We need water wastage to be as socially unacceptable as blowing smoke in the face of a baby or throwing your plastic bags into the sea."

According to a major study in 2010, meat and dairy are two of the biggest users of water in terms of food production.

The water footprint of meat from beef cattle is 15 400 m 3 /ton as a global average while the global average water footprint of chicken egg is 3 300 m 3/ton. That's compared to just 320 m 3/ton for vegetables.

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